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Solutions for Uterine Factor Infertility

A uterine transplant surgery is a solution that can offer a chance to conceive and bear a child to those affected by uterine factor infertility. This procedure has been attempted several times since the 1930's, and over decades of advancement and trials, the first live births from patients who received a uterine transplant were recorded. Currently, we are on the cusp of being able to offer this procedure to all infertile women who wish to bear their own children.

At Uterine Transplant, Inc., our multidisciplinary team is focused entirely on making leaps and bounds in this field. We have already completed significant research toward making this a possibility for women everywhere.

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Procedures We Can Offer

If you have been struggling with infertility and you have a strong desire to give birth to your own child, our team may be able to help find a solution through one of our uterine transplantation procedures at our California clinic.

While these procedures are not entirely without risk, our advances suggest that we are close to perfecting the technique. We have conducted extensive research in the field of uterine transplantation in a systematic manner. Our efforts have allowed us to introduce the concept of uterine transplants to a group of women who suffer from uterine factor infertility.

Fertility is a gift to be cherished,
not a disease to be treated​

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