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California Uterine Transplantation

At Uterine Transplant, Inc., we have a complete understanding of the surgical concepts pertaining to your uterine transplant. We have years of surgical experience and have spent countless hours doing clinical research in order to exceed the expectations of our patients. We have developed a multidisciplinary team to help us address various challenges that we may face during the course of our journey. After conducting extensive research in the field of uterine transplantation, we are enabled to introduce the concept of uterine transplants to a group of women who suffer from uterine factor infertility.

We understand the emotional exhaustion, pain, and stress that you are experiencing as a result of your infertility. As such, we will provide you with the compassionate support that you deserve. It is our passion to help patients expand their families. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you expand your family.

A Multi-Step Path

To Parenthood

  • Candidate Begins

    The Screening Process

  • An In-Depth Evaluation


  • In Vitro Fertilization

    Takes Place

  • A Search
    For A

    Donor Begins

  • Transplant Takes Place

    Within 6 To 8 Hours

  • Once The Uterus Heals,

    The Embryos Are Transferred

  • Your Pregnancy

    Is Closely Monitored

  • Your

    Is Delivered

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New innovative projects like uterine transplantation, require a clear understanding of surgical concepts that are usually acquired through years of clinical research. We believe that our extensive surgical experience and multidisciplinary team will help us address various challenges that we may face during the course of our journey.

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